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Mots dits Mots lus is an initiative from La Constellation

La Constellation, operating in art development for the public sphere, is a company that organizes live performances. Since its origin, it has worked in deep accordance with the territory it acts within. La Constellation constantly questions its audience and their creation process. La Constellation is looking to involve everyone, any ages and categories, for different initiatives they are working on throughout the year.

Our website isn’t available in English for the moment.
If you need to have further information about Mots dits Mots lus or how to get involved, no worries!
Just drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


Partenaires and complices






"ANTENNES-RELAIS" of Mots dits Mots lus

La Voie des Livres

01 43 48 79 55 /

93, rue de la Réunion
75020 PARIS

Les Mots Parleurs - Paris

06 12 08 66 66 /

12, rue Antoine bourdelle

75015 Paris


Les Mots Migrateurs

Association Les Mots Migrateurs , Visages du Monde
Maison de quartier - Les Hauts de Cergy
10, place du Nautilus

95800 Cergy



04 76 51 76 07 /

6 rue Raoul Blanchard 38000 Grenoble


TransMemoriA Cie

05 61 61 01 16  /

7, Bd Roquelaure
32000 Auch


Les Mots Parleurs - Bourgogne

03 80 97 25 98 /

6, rue de l'Ancienne Comédie

21140 Semur en Auxois


La Caravane des Mots